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Carpeting Macomb MI

Voted BEST Carpet dealer in Macomb County Michigan by the readers of The Macomb Daily.  

The Carpet Guys Macomb offer huge savings and a first class in home shopping experience for homeowners looking to buy new carpet or flooring  in Macomb County, Michigan.  Call us today and see why over ten thousand happy Macomb County residents have gladly chosen the Carpet Guys Macomb over any other shop at home carpeting store in Metro Detroit.

We will come out to your home with a large variety of first quality name brand designs and samples to choose from.  Our professional designers and certified installation craftsmen make for a first class in home service unmatched by any other.  Special financing through Mohawk allows credit worthy customers deferred interest with minimum payments for 12 months interest free!

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Unlike ANY other local carpet store, The Carpet Guys stand for the best quality carpets at a price that is unmatched by any other.  Most carpet dealers advertise very low prices to get people in the door and then tack on hundreds of dollars of add on expenses such as carpet take up, padding upgrades, tack strips, furniture moving, extended warranties, etc.   In fact, the average cost of an upgraded 8# padding from the most popular box retail stores is roughly $5-7 per square yard (almost a .75 cents extra per foot) jacking the advertised sticker price up over 20%.  The box stores also charge an arm and a leg extra for moving furniture. Sometimes as much as $80 per room!  And if you want to buy any sort of service agreement or extended warranty, just like any other home appliance, lawnmower, dishwasher, computer, or piece of furniture, most 3 year service agreements cost an additional 20% of the total purchase price.  By the time you get the REAL PRICE out of the store clerk with all the hidden fees and necessary upgrades, you almost certainly will be paying close to double the price you thought you were going to pay when you first walked in.  Unfortunately, in order to get the real total from the box stores, you first have to pay them $39-$70 for the professional measure company to go measure the job.  So by the time the real price is revealed, you are already out of at least 2-3 hours of time spent in the store and no less than $39 just to have somebody take the proper measurements.  By this time, most people just want to get it all over with and agree to take on the added expense rather than forfeit their money and all the time invested shopping.


The Carpet Guys give you ALL of these upgrades for FREE!  The Carpet Guys shoot a straight forward, ALL INCLUSIVE price without any last minute costs or hidden extras. There isn't even a charge for the professional measure or the in home meeting with a professionally trained design consultant.

  • The Carpet Guys Only Use Premium 8LB. Padding
  • The Carpet Guys Only Use Their Own Insured Professional Installation Crews.
  • The Carpet Guys Move Your Furniture For FREE.
  • The Carpet Guys give you an extended LIFETIME INSTALLATION WARRANTY at NO EXTRA CHARGE!
  • The Carpet Guys have the BEST reputation in all of Metro Detroit as well as the entire State of Michigan.
  • Why Wait Any Longer- CALL NOW and SAVE HUGE! 

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“I love my new carpeting and the fact that the carpet installers moved all of my heavy furniture at no extra charge.  The Carpet Guys gave me a great experience that should have probably cost me a lot more than I paid for."

Carpet Styles & Textures

California Berber Carpets

Durable short cut-pile carpet made to withstand heavy traffic from today's active households, California Berber carpets are great for many years of wear and tear even with heavy traffic, children, pets, spills, and life!  California Berber carpets from The Carpet Guys offer long lasting durability with advanced stain and soil shielding technologies already built in the fiber for long lasting durability. BCF PET fibers as well as Livefree Ultra carpet fibers are usually recommended to ensure long lasting durability.

Samantha Jonson

Rochester Hills, MI. 


Frieze carpeting


Similar to California Berber with a longer nap, Frieze carpets offer thick cushy comfort with excellent durability and the ability to blend with just about any setting.  Most Frieze carpets come in a wide variety of earth tone colors that will usually also have a fleck or barber pull of a darker shade or color to hide soil and dirt requiring less cleaning.  Soft and comfortable yet with a heat set twist offers style and comfort as well as many years of durable beauty. The most recommended fiber type for Frieze carpet are those made with blends of Continual Filament BCF PET yarn, Livefree Ultra fiber or some of the Strand type fibers by Mohawk. 

Plush Carpet


Made for ultimate luxury, Plush carpets come in a variety of solid colors that are made to dress up just about any type of formal living room or dining area.  A Plush carpet made from a BCF PET Polyester or Nylon fiber will usually out last any basic carpet fiber. Nylon Carpets cost a little bit more than PET Polyester but will often hold shape for many many years to come.

Berber Style carpeting


Berber carpeting is a very firm looped carpet that usually has blends of different colors intended to hide dirt and smudges in heavy traffic areas.  Berber is popular in finished basements and rec rooms and is the only carpet that can usually effectively hide foot prints and vacuum lines.  Better quality and longer lasting Berber Carpets will usually have a harder and tighter loop than those Berber carpets with soft loops lacking density and durability.

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